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A little extension of the PmWiki scripts/forms.php file allows an easy building and validation of forms embedded in a wiki page.

The usage is very close to the original forms.php, with the following extensions:

  • the form input tag has an additional attribute named "_action" which enables the new form validation functionality for a specific form (such a form is called "validated" in further reading of this document).
  • a number of new global variables have been added:
    • $EnableFormValidation
      This variable enables the validation functionality in general when set to non-zero.
    • $GetDefaultInputValuesFunction
      If defined and a validated form is shown to the user, the specified function is called with the form name, the "_action" value and an array of input values (passed as reference). The function can enter default values for each field if the values defined in the input tags shall be overriden.
    • $ValidFormPostedFunction
      If defined and a valid form was posted by the user, the specified function is called with the form name, the "_action" value and an array of input values. The function can then perform the corresponding action (like sending an email, or storing the input values somewhere).
    • $InputValid
      Is set to 1 after a valid form has been posted.
  • a new action "validateinput" is available when form validation is enabled ($EnableFormValidation). It is used when a validated form was posted.
  • the validation of a form is based on preg regular expressions specifying valid input for each field in the fields "_regex" attribute. When the field has another attribute named "_message", then the text contained in the attribute will be appended to the (:messages:) markup when a field is invalid.


The following markup:

(:input form _action=test:)
Name: (:input text text _regex='/.+$/' _message='Please enter a name':)
(:input submit:)
(:input end:)

produces the following form:


Download and Installation

Download the new forms.php and put it in the scripts folder of your PmWiki.
The current version is adapted to and running on PmWiki Version 2.1.1 .

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